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Maisha Yangu Organization

Maisha Yangu is a swahili phrase which means "My Life". We believe that our life experiences and the choices we make determine our lives' trajectory. We bring these lives together to make a change as we empower children and youth to take charge of their lives.

Founded in 2020, Maisha Yangu is a community-based organization working with children and youth in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. It is located in Kawangware, a low income area where about 295 500 people live and according to the latest 2019 census, 65% of them are children.The residents of this area have an income of less than 2 Us dollars per day, which is insufficient to sustain a decent way of life.

As it is, Kawangare is challenged by a high rate of school dropouts, drugs and substance abuse, crime and other hidden oppressions such as gender based violence.In all of this, homes in Kawangware do not provide a safe space for children to fully develop and explore their abilities.Most of the time it is as a lack of resources which include but are not limited to tangile items such as money, information, goods and services, and less tangible concepts such as love, affection and status within society.

Our Mission

To give children and youth a platform for sharing ideas through art and education so that they may inspire change within themselves and within our community.

Our Vision

To inform, inspire and transform our community.

Our Core Values

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Compassion and Passion

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Unity through Christ