Our Programs

Our Programs

Children and youth empowerment is very detrimental to development in our communities because they are the future. We empower them to excel in their education, life skills, character and leadership.Through education, talent and Mentorship, we have provided the students with valuable structured programs that keep them away from negative vices, while discovering their gifts and talents without limits. Our Programs are built on four pillars which are: education, personality, talent and community outreach.


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After-School Program

Having a safe space to study can make a big difference in one's education. This is necessary due to limited spaces within many households and noise around the neighborhood. The After-School Program ensures that students access books through our well-stocked library, constant electricity, one meal a day and tutors. We have seen tremendous improvement in children as we track their performance from the time they come into the center to the time they finish school.

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Distance Parenting Program

The number of school drop-outs in low-income areas is high because many parents cannot pay the school fees. In partnership with parents, Our Distance Parenting Program aims to support children living in poverty to remain in school, thrive and continue the opportunity to have equal access to quality education.

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Vocation & Entrepreneurship Program

Vocational training has been proven to increase the chances of earning one's own income and helps to prevent poverty and juvenile delinquency. Together with partner organizations, we offer specialised courses e.g. ICT, arrange internships, and help young people to set up their own business. Our goal is to give them the ability to earn a living under dignified working conditions and to shape their own future.

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Bible Study Program

Our weekly Bible Study classes and Vocational Bible Study offer the young people the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, grow in their faith and enjoy the Company of friends. We learn through the truth of the Bible.


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Mentorship Program

Tubonge is a Swahili word for "let's talk". It's a Mentorship Program. The purpose of Tubonge Program is to provide young girls and boys in the community extra support, guidance, and motivation that they need to break through barriers associated with slum dwellers. We listen and guide.


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Tukuza Talanta Program

Tukuza Talanta is a swahili word for "Nurturing Talent". The Tukuza Talanta Program was developed to help us work with children with different skills in music, art, craft and theater. The children who are shy and reserved have become more engaged and involved. It helps children to express themselves in a way that few other activities do. With courage, talents bring a person out to places that can never be imagined through discipline and self-confidence.


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Community Outreach Program

As a "community" we live within a larger community. This program is meant to offer solutions to some of the challenges we face as a community. We offer training in Financial Management, Parenting and Child-Parent relationships. In addition, we carry educational work on sensitive issues and conduct social campaigns, for example on environmental protection.

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