Our Story

Our Story

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The Story of Maisha Yangu Organization began with a humble idea, to create a safe haven where children could freely express themselves through art. In this sanctuary, their talents would boom, untouched by judgement or discrimination. Founders, Buken and Merline yearned for these children to know that they were loved, cherished, and inherently special. It quickly became apparent that the children who flocked the center bore the weight of academic struggles.

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The founders embarked on a quest to uncover the reasons behind this phenomenon, delving deep into Kawangware's children. What they discovered was a tapestry of adversity: lack of access to electricity, noisy neighborhoods that drowned out their dreams, burdensome household chores, the haunting spectre of abuse and violence, gnawing hunger , and the bitter scarcity of school resources.

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Moved by the ravelations, MYO gave birth to the After School Program, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. Education became the cornerstone of their endeavours, nurturing minds and hearts with knowledge and guidance. With unwavering determination, MYO expanded its offerings, weaving a tapestry of six interwoven programs: the After School Program, Bible Study, Distance Parenting Program, Community Outreach, Tubonge (Let's Talk) Mentorship Program, and Tukuza Talanta (nurturing talent) Program.

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Our Mission is to transform slums by empowering the children to explore their academic and skills potential. Through our programs, we ensure that children under our care not only stay in school but also make steps in improving their performance. We believe that transforming the lives and minds of the young generation to not only be the cure for our future social issues but also the present ones too.

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