Become a Partner

Become a Partner

As we continue to make a lasting impact, we recognize the invaluable role that professional partner organizations play in our journey. If you are an organization looking to create a meaningful difference, whether through investment partnerships that drive economic growth or by supporting our educational programs that shape the future of the next generation. Maisha Yangu invites you to join hands with us. Together, we can amplify our collective efforts and achieve greater heights of social impact.

We are looking for proffesional partner like:

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NGOs and Non-Profit

Become an implementation partner and help us to offer more educational programs.
Get access to our community and share your expertise on topics like health, environment, WASH.
Support the mission of MYO by making a financial contribution.

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Advice MYO on growth strategy, fundraising, outreach, local leadership, operations and more.
Financially support growth into new communities.
Foster a lifelong legacy by supporting MYO team to reach thousands of children in poverty.

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Practice corporate social responsibility in East Africa by supporting young adults to escape poverty.
Collaborate with us to find future employees.
Match gifts made by your employees in order to encourage a philanthropic company culture.
Give your employees the chance to become a Mentor.

Our Partners

We're so grateful to have partners who share values and are driving positive change

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