Our Concept

Maisha Yangu Organization’s vision is to inform, inspire and to transform our community. To do this, we have taken a holistic approach which we call “The School of Life”. By giving the children a platform and safe space, they can express their ideas and needs and find solutions in addition to mentoring them. We train and equip them with skills that are needed to not only succeed in schoolwork but also in life. At the core of our organization, we guide the children to discover their talents and nurture them

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With our programs, we accompany our students in the phase of growing up and finding their own path in life and their place in society. They are designed to be age-appropriate and complement each other.

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We cover a variety of subjects and topics to nurture the children's physical and mental talents and help them develop a resilient personality ready for the challenges ahead.

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Stress Management

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When creating educational programs, we take great care to integrate the following characteristics

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Inclusive & Team Oriented

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Practical & Playful

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Modern & Innovative

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